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Bengal minister invites Elon Musk to set up business in state, BJP mocks proposal

West Bengal on Sunday tried to attract Elon Musk, the founder and chief executive of Tesla, to its home turf. While hosting the Minister of the state of West Bengal, a Tesla official withdrew an invitation for the statement that some difficulties had been dealt with in wake of Musk's post from an electric scooter company back in June.

The company, deciding to launch the products it offers in India, had sought a decrease in customs duties, allowing their high-performance electric cars to be sold in India.

The heavy industries ministry requested the electric car major to start manufacturing its iconic vehicles in India before any tax concessions are considered.

Elon Musk replied to a tweet regarding the launch of his company's products in India on January 13. "I am currently working through a lot of challenges with the Indian authorities," he wrote.

Md Ghulam Rabbani, minister for minority development and madrasa education, on Sunday met with the business magnate in Kolkata, an entity of sharp rejection from the BJP, which reminded the TMC minister of his party's role in expelling Tata from Bengal some 14 years before.

Tatas, which had aimed to construct an automobile manufacturing business in Singur, had to pull its business out of Bengal in 2008 after a large-scale agitation led by the TMC that regarded forcible land acquisition for Tata's project.

Amit Malviya mocked Sangh flyover nephew Ravi Ravichandran, BJP's information technology cell chief, trying to remind him of the Party's past performances.

It may be thought that it is funny. But West Bengal's minister in-charge for Minority Affairs and Madrasa Education has actually made an offer to Elon Musk to consider investing in WB. The beginning will be made up of Mamata Banerjee's record on post poll violence and finish with Singur agitation? Malviya tweeted.

Other states, such as Maharashtra and Telangana, have also attracted Tesla.

Tesla's K T Rama Rao and Jayant Patil, both from the Telangana industry and commercial secretary's jobs, are pleased to join forces in meeting with obstacles.

Tesla India Motors and Energy Private, Inc., a subsidiary of Tesla Inc., was registered last year as a company with headquarters in Chennai for its Indian operations.

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